Borderland Collective

A long-term participatory art and education project based in Texas

La esperanza de ser yo

La esperanza de ser yo (The Hope of Being Me) represents two weeklong workshops, in 2018 and 2021, with middle and high school students who used photography, drawing, mental mapping, and storytelling to collaboratively explore and share their family histories, daily lives, and dreams for the future. All activities were designed to support a student centered experience in order to foreground student perspectives so that we could deepen the exchange between student and teacher. The students are part of the Migrant Education Program through the Region 15 Texas Education Service Center, a program that supports school age children and youth of migratory farm workers.

Miles High School, Miles, TX/Education Service Center, San Angelo, TX

Project Leads: Ryan Sprott, Daniela Hernandez, and Jason Reed

Angel Briones, San Juanita Briones, Fernando Cruz, Jordan Valero, Kevin Valero, Julio Lopez, and Angel Diaz. Sofia Jaramillo, Santana Garcia, Wilton Presencin, Jose Presencin, and Yadira Barajas, Jessica A. Garza, Haida Ramirez, Alex Nieto, Noemi Ucuk, Romana Gonzalez, Elizabeth Rangel and Monica Diaz, Miles ISD, Migrant Education Network, Region 15 Education Service Center, and the Miles community members who shared their window space and distributed newspapers.