Borderland Collective

A long-term participatory art and education project based in Texas

One to Another

Over the last few years, hundreds of thousands of refugees have fled their homes—places like Syria, Myanmar, and El Salvador—in search of respite from war, unbearable violence, famine, and climate catastrophe. These migrants are among tens of millions of people who are currently displaced, seeking asylum, or stateless; add in those migrating for labor and economic opportunity, and the number increases to a quarter billion people moving around the world.

One to Another activated Artpace’s Hudson Showroom and Main Space galleries in Fall 2018, turning them into spaces of listening, critical inquiry, and participation. The exhibition invited viewers to contemplate their own familial migration stories within the context of larger migration narrative. Stories gathered from around the country served as a starting point, but the exhibition also utilized forensic archives, video and sound installations, a refugee housing unit, and United Nations hearings to engender a critically conscious reading of how narratives are constructed within layered contexts of media, politics, and individual lives.

Artpace, San Antonio, TX

Project Leads:
Mark Menjivar, Molly Sherman, and Jason Reed

Dr. Kate Spradley and Dr. Joe Adserias Garriga of Operation Identification, Eddie Canales of the South Texas Human Rights Center, Don White of the Brooks County Sheriff’s Office, Märta Terne of Better Shelter, staff at the United Nations Library, and community members who contributed to migration stories lab.